Old West Stories by JudyL

These stories are based on the Old West universe. As Ezra is my favorite, they tend to be focused on him, but all seven do make an appearance. These stories do not depend on others to make sense, although it helps if you know the show.

A star indicates author favorite. Just try it, you might like it.

HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY! to our favorite cowboys! 1998 - 2018

(Chris) "Did she just call me a 'cowboy,' JD?"
(JD) "I think she did, Mr. Larabee."
(Ezra) "At least once."
(Josiah) "He hates that."


Lazy Gamblers and Wizened Crones (99kb) - Nettie learns you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Judge Not (35kb) - Response to Vin F&D 1hr fic challenge - Theme word: judge.

The Game is Afoot (35kb) - Next part in my challenge story. Ezra's got a problem with his footwear.

Three's a Crowd (27kb) - Ezra discovers that two is company and seven isn't an even number.

Luck of the Irish (29kb) - Ezra's not Irish... is he?.

Three Stage Attack (40kb) - Vin's got a plan.

At First Blush (35kb) - Vin learns it's best not to eavesdrop.

The Bare Naked Truth (31kb) - The wrong man faces Chris' wrath.

Quiet Time (31kb) - Vin joins the others in a little quiet past-time.

The Deed at Hand (37kb) - Ezra asks Vin for one simple thing.

Hijinks (25kb) - An autumn drabble

What If... (94kb) - What if Chris wasn't the fastest draw? What if Buck lost his animal magnetism?

Discovery (31kb) - JD learns something about Vin

The Last Word (27kb) - It only takes one word to push some people over the edge

Pick a Card, Any Card (35kb) - It was supposed to be a simple party

It's How You Play the Game (30kb) - Ezra loses at cards, or does he?

Seeing Clearly (28kb) - Sometimes it takes seeing through a dirty window...(10-19-10)

Peer Pressure (27kb) - What has Josiah gotten himself into? (9-26-10)

Pondering (33kb) - Vin's in another predicament (6-7-10)

Without Mercy RR (83kb) - Round Robin - Main character: Buck, Theme: Water (7-28-10)

Drabble + (26kb) - Drabble Picture challenge and a sequel (7-28-10)

Astounded (32kb) - Response to 1hr fic challenge on Vin F&D list: the boys head home from a long day (7-28-10)

An Innocent Man (57kb) - A 3 part Round Robin, multiple authors. - Someone gets hurt on Vin's watch. (3-15-10)

Thinkin' (25kb) - A drabble. (3-15-10)

A Little Experiment (27kb) - A writing experiment, no nouns allowed. (3-15-10)

Better than Treasure (37kb) - Ezra's up to something and Buck and Vin want to know what. (12-2-09)

My Rules (5 kb) - The boys question Chris's leadership. (12-2-09)

Context (13kb) - Ezra and Vin tackle a whale of a tale. (9-1-09)

Temper (12kb) - Things don't go the way Chris expects. (9-1-09)

Caught Bare Footed (26kb) - A drabble. (9-1-09)

The Outdoors... Great... (13kb) - This story has been expanded, it's now two drabbles and a 'write a fic in an hour' challenge story. (9-1-09)

A Star To Guide Him Home (49kb) - A Christmas tale inspired by Romanse's lovely drawing. (12-24-07)

Subsequent Existence (135kb) - Death of a major character, but it's not exactly what you think (4-20-07)