M7 Alternate Universes

What is an alternate universe? In fanfic, it's when the author takes their favorite characters and writes them into a different setting. The Magnificent Seven in space or during the Crusades. While technically all fanfic is an alternate universe from the original TV show setting, even if the story is set in the Old West, for most an AU is a story where the boys are no longer from the Old West, but are reincarnated into a different time or place.

There are several M7 AUs that have become a standard in the fandom, including MOG's ATF and the Little Britches universe to name just a few. You will find my ATF stories under a separate page. The stories listed here take the boys to new and unexpected territory. Hope you enjoy them.

Stories by JudyL

Seven Dragons AU

  • Seven Dragons - (103 kb) M7 crossover with Anne McCaffrey's Pern (6-4-07)

  • Fragile Dragon Wings - (60 kb) answer to a 'finish this story' challenge from the Vin F&D list. (05-03-09)
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