Missing Scenes by JudyL

Missing scenes are stories, or rather parts of stories, that the author feels could fit into one of the episodes. Sometimes they are short, just filling in one small scene. At other times, they may be prologues or epilogues to a specific episode. Missing scenes are what we think may have or should have happened 'off screen.'


Smoke and Mirrors - The Trial epilogue (7 kb) - JD and Ezra discuss Maude.

(Written 2-22-15, posted 11-3-18)

The Better Part of Valor - Chinatown epilogue ( kb) - Nathan and Ezra discuss what happened in Chinatown (7-8-15)

Interlude - Wagon Train missing scene (27kb) - Buck giving up women??? Surely not! (9-10-14)

Forbidden Words - The New Law missing scene (33kb) - Vin learns the real meaning of 'Cowboy.' (7-28-12)

Stick To It - The New Law missing scene (30kb) - Chris' thoughts on Marshall Bryce. (7-26-12)

Dichotomy - Sins of the Past missing scene (32kb) - Josiah's contemplating Fate. (6-9-12)

Unexpected - Working Girls missing scene (29kb) - JD thinks about things. (3-1-12)

With Friends Like These - Achilles Missing Scene (36kb) - Ezra has to make amends (6-1-11)

Serpentine - Serpents missing scene (44kb) - What really happened after Serpents? (5-15-11)

Unspoken Trust - Epilogue to The Trial (32kb) - Nathan gets a little help coming to terms with his father's death. (7-28-10)

No Rhyme or Reason - Lady Killers missing scene (6kb) - Vin has a few thoughts. (12-2-09)

The New Law - missing scenes (13kb) - Ezra contemplates fate. (8-6-07)