No Rhyme or Reason


By JudyL

October 21, 2009


Universe:  OW

Character Focus: Vin

Language warning: none

Summary -   VinF&D list Picture prompt challenge – missing scene for Lady Killers… sort of?

Length: drabble --- poem!??? I can’t believe it either


No Rhyme or Reason

By JudyL

I had been attacked, right there in the barn

Followed the culprit, what was the harm?

Into the saloon, much to my surprise,

She attacked Ezra, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

She seemed so innocent, so sweet and kind

What happened to the girl, had she lost her mind?

I watched through the door, thought it safer that way

As she doused poor Ezra and stalked away.

Little did I know what pain lay in store,

As Casey bolted through the swinging door.

Oh my poor arm, how it did ache

As the door hit me, right on the break.

The end!

I’d love to know what you think. JudyL