Agent Standish - ATF

This series is my interpretation of MOG's ATF universe, with a focus on Ezra.

Stories by JudyL

  1. Second Chances - (ATF)(69kb) Ezra's still unsure of his place with the team. (5-10-06)
    'Second Chances' available as audiofic download here

  2. Misconceptions - (ATF)(74kb) Ezra's first undercover assignment with Team 7. (5-31-06)

  3. Happy Birthday, Ezra - (ATF)(58kb) It's Ezra's first birthday with Team 7, only they don't know. (6-22-06)

  4. Appearances - (ATF)(142kb) Ezra goes undercover again, but will he ever live it down. (8-6-06)

  5. Perceptions and Observations - (ATF)(142kb) The guys get to know Ezra a bit better. (5-8-07)

  6. Point of View - (ATF)(183kb) Ezra gets a visit. (10-16-07)

  7. Sequel to Point of View - (ATF)(17kb) A Man Walks On To a Bar (2-18-08)

  8. A Horse is a Horse - Understanding Ezra Snippet - (ATF)(18kb)
    A new friend is found. (2-18-08)

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