Author:  JudyL

Universe:  OW

Character Focus: Vin

Language warning: none

Summary -   Drabble PPDC

Length: 100 words


Here’s another picture drabble challenge from the VinF&D list.
I could have used more than 100 words, hope the idea comes across the way I wanted.




By JudyL


Vin knelt to get a better look at the struggle. He huffed and grinned at his thoughts. Some of those flights of fancy Ezra had been telling him about. Ideas he had that the gambler claimed were the reason he wrote such beautiful poetry.


Vin sat down with his feet stretched out to protect the small struggle going on in the dirt.


Over the next few hours, six men came by to see what he was doing. They all go the same answer. “Thinkin’.”


He grinned as six more joined the lone ant and finally dragged off the dead grasshopper.



The end


Feedback is appreciated. JudyL