The Last Word

By JudyL

April 26, 2011

Written in response to the April 2011 Vin F&D list Picture Prompt Double Drabble Challenge. Using the picture above, write a double drabble (200 words). Here’s my response.


“Furthermore,” Ezra continued, getting more worked up with every word. “That would be petty, childish and beneath a man of my, my… what are you laughing at? Don’t interrupt me, sir. You are the one who started this with your juvenile scheme. I cannot believe you would do such a thing to a man you consider friend.” He put his hand to his chest dramatically as he continued, “I am deeply hurt that you did not include me in this venture, but that is beside the point. The point, as it were, is the subject of said wager. It simply is not true. A gentleman would never concern himself with such a trivial matter, it’s unseemly, and as you know, I am a gentleman… really, Vin, laughing like that will cause people to wonder if you’ve been sampling Loco weed. If you are quite done, I do believe I was speaking… Thank you. As I was saying, it is beneath my dignity to be bothered by such a thing. I am worried that you would think you could make money by betting that I would always try to get the last word in a conversation.”

“Whatever you say, Ez.”



The end


Feedback is appreciated. JudyL

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