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NotTasha's One Shot Stories:

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Above It All: 05/06/15 25k words - Chris and Ezra escort a candidate from one town to another. Mayhem awaits(Chris and Ezra)

Bad Weather: 07/13/03 6k words - JD and Ezra are stuck out in bad weather, trying to find refuge with a reluctant farmer.(JD and Ezra)

Bedeviled!: 02/04/02 1.4k words - They boys do something dangerous involving stealing honey (Everyone)

Bolt out of the Blue: 05/11/02 - updated and expanded 5-6-15 30k words - What is ATF Ezra doing in the Old West? (Ezra and the gang - both gangs)

Boxing Day: 12/26/02 7k words - It's Christmas, and Ezra's been left alone to watch the town.  (Ezra and Chris)

Buena Vista: 12/01/02 1.7k words - Ezra sends a letter to the Judge, regarding a trip to the metropolis of Buena Vista. Photos included.(Ezra and Buck)

Charades: 08/03/01 - A tornado hits a home, and the boys are there to help. (Ezra, Buck and Josiah)

Clear as a Bell: 02/29/00 - There's an explosion, leaving Ezra trapped and deafened, and that's only the start of the story. (Ezra, Chris and Everyone)

Cin-City: 05/06/15 - 21K words - Ezra is sent away to the big city to help with an investigation. Things go badly. (Ezra and Chris)

Clockwork  08/23/10 27k words - A clock holds a secret, and Ezra's under a deadline.  Mayhem ensues (Ezra and JD)  

Consider the Possibilities 07/04/05 11k words - Vin, JD and Ezra are rooting through some boxes and find something interesting.  They find something that causes some interesting changes in Ezra. (Ezra, Vin, JD and everyone)

The Deceiver: 04/28/02 - Written from Mrs. Potter's POV, in 1st Person, just a glimpse of her favorite customer, the Deceiver. (Mrs. Potter and Ezra)

Deciphering 04/23/05  6K words  - Ezra's missing and the guys receive a mysterious message and must decipher its meaning.   (Ezra, Chris and everyone)

Devil of a Time: 10/0/02 2k words - It's Halloween and Chris is taking a bit of a break, in the outhouse. (Chris and the Boys)

Devil's Hand  08/31/04 5k words - Ezra stumbles into town, hurt, and Nathan has to figure out what happened.  (Nathan and Ezra)

An Extra Savoir-Faire 08/10/04 2k words - just a study of our favorite gambler, walking down the street. (Ezra with a bit of Buck, JD and Vin)

Figure of Speech: 04/11/01 - The guys play poker and have some fun at JD's expense.. (Ezra, Buck, JD and Josiah)

First Time for Everything: 07/13/01 - A grizzly bear attacks, and Ezra has to listen to Vin's advice. (Ezra and Vin)

Following the Fence Home: 01/26/03 13k words - When Ezra is found out in the desert, alone, one of the questions must be -- where's Chaucer? (Ezra and the guys) 

A Fool and his Boots: 04/07/03 1.6k words - Buck is missing his boots (Buck, Vin and Ezra)

For What It's Worth 06/25/15 18K words - Ezra, JD and Josiah are cooling their heels in an artists' colony. It brings up demons for Josiah. Ezra, unfortunately, takes the brunt of it. (Josiah, Ezra and JD)

Frisbies and Fruitcake  12/24/09  10k words -  Nathan inherits a gold mine, and guess who's interested in checking it out with him? (Ezra, Nathan and JD)  

Giant: 03/09/00 - Ezra ends up kidnapped with a bunch of bullies and a baby.  (Ezra, Buck and Vin)

A Golden Glow: 09/22/01 - A sequel to In the Silver Light. What exactly did happen when Ezra got back to town?  (Ezra, Chris, Buck and Nathan)

A Good Name I: 10/27/01; A Good Name II: 10/29/01; A Good Name III and IV: 12/24/01 - Ezra is injured in a distant town, and Buck is left to watch over him.  Chris, Josiah and Vin continue to Tascosa to clear Vin's name for good. JD and Nathan are left to protect the town.  (Ezra and Buck in I) (Vin, Chris and Josiah in II) (Nathan and JD III) (Everyone IV) 

Gray: 07/14/02 4k words - Buck notices that Ezra's in a gray mood and tries to figure out why. (Ezra and Buck)Gray in Portuguese

Hurt Hawks: 03/01/03 4k words - A couple of the guys are stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Vin's been hurt. JD makes a discovery.  (Vin and JD)

In Black:04/18/04 20k words - Ezra is mistaken for Chris in a distant town.  (Ezra and Chris)

In the Silver Light: 03/17/01 - Ezra's in jail.  It's a reflective piece (Ezra)

Independence: 07/09/02 15k words - It's the Fourth of July and the boys have firecrackers. Ezra ends up blinded and needs to deal with the situation. (Ezra, Chris and Vin)

Into the Cold: 03/09/00 - One of Ezra's old acquaintances shows up in town with a plan for murder and mayhem.  This is my second M7 story. (Ezra and Everyone)

It's all in How You Play It 02/14/05 3k words  -  Josiah is in a bit of a fix,  needing to get out of the town of Greenwood.  Ezra wants answers before he'll accompany him.  (Josiah and Ezra)

Just Drive Away 05/26/04 5k words - ATF - Yes, it's my first true ATF story. The guys are just driving away on a bit of a vacation. That's a good start for mayhem. (Ezra and the boys)

The Leopard and his Spots: 04/11/00 - Ezra has disappeared... in more ways than one.   He can't remember who he is. (Ezra, Buck and JD)

Like the Dead 01/29/05 3K Words - Buck comes across an abandoned house, with Chaucer in the corral... and no sign of Ezra.  Oh man, that means trouble, doesn't it? (Buck and Ezra)

Literally Speaking: 05/07/04 1.4k words - Just a bit of messing around with one of those "Pet Peeve" words. (JD, Buck and Ezra)

Lying Down: 04/02/02 5k words - Ezra hangs out on a ledge, waiting for someone to find him. (Ezra and Buck)

The Midnight Star 07/31/04 2k words - A crossover is with the fine movie "Silverado"... just a short story.  (Ezra, Nathan and Stella of The Midnight Star)

Miracle Cure 11/15/13 11k words - Buck and Ezra are looking for a cure.

More than Gold: 08/2002 - The boys are assigned the task of bringing an important shipment to town.  This story occurs shortly after "Serpents" and Ezra's not sure of his standing. (Ezra, Buck and JD) 

Murder in Red  08/07/2006  4k words -  Ezra loses something important to him (Ezra and all the guys) 

The New Law 09/27/05 2k words  - There's a new law that might cause some issues with practices in the Four Corners jailhouse (Buck and Ezra)

Nothing: 05/14/03 4k words - Ezra returns from the town of Roca Grande with a broken bone and a terrible tale of what he found there.(Ezra and Nathan)

An October Tale 10/16/05  5k words -  The boys need shelter from a rainstorm and end up in a haunted barn (Vin and Ezra)

Pie in the Sky: 08/09/02 4k words - Okay, why does Ezra like pie? The answer is within... a mayhem-free excursion. (Ezra and Nettie Wells)

Pied Beauty: 03/12/03 4k words - Josiah muses about a dappled pony and the spotted soul of our favorite gambler. (Josiah and Ezra)

The Price of Prosperity   06/14/04 28k words  Ezra's relaxing in a nearby town and starts receiving disturbing telegrams from Chris.  Meanwhile, Chris is receiving unpleasant message from Ezra. (Ezra and the boys)

Quiet: 09/03/02 2k words - Just a silly little story.  Sometimes, it's just too quiet. (Ezra and Buck)

The Right Thing: 12/20/13 11k words - Vin and Ezra are minding their own business when trouble comes looking for them. (Ezra and Vin)

Rule of Thumb: 06/06/02 3k words - The boys meet up with Tom Thumb. (Ezra and JD)

Runaway Train: 03/20/15 - A runaway train plows into Eagle Bend, and that's just the start of the destruction. Buck and Ezra try to get to the bottom of things before anyone else gets hurt(Buck,Ezra, Josiah)

Running 07/09/05  9k words -  JD and Ezra need to escape from their kidnappers.  Desperate measures need to be taken. ( JD and Ezra)
Available as audiofic here

A Sacrifice to Fire: 12/09/01 6k words - Josiah's Church is on fire and Josiah is still in the building; Ezra goes in after him. (Josiah and Ezra)

The Shade of Four Corners: 03/25/00 - deathfic. There's been an accident...(Ezra and everyone)

The Shield of Gelert: 08/25/03 10k words - Ezra and JD are given the task of guarding a precious item.  They end up playing detective. (JD and Ezra)

Shaking the Dust: 12/19/01 4k words - Nathan and Ezra go to a town that is less than friendly to people of color.  Nathan isn't sure what to think of Ezra's actions. (Nathan and Ezra)

So Far from Home:  12/24/03 5k words - It's Christmas, but it's not jolly for everyone -- especially for seven lawmen who have to deal with a tragic accident, as Ezra remains unresponsive following a fall..(Chris and Ezra)

So Simple: 10/26/01 - It was a great plan, to make it look as if Chris threw Ezra out of town so that he could join a gang.  It was so simple really... (Ezra, Chris and Everyone)

Someplace Important:5/24/03 1k words  - Ezra has a fever and won't stay in bed.  Buck has to go after him. (Buck and Ezra)

A Stone, Turned: 11/03/01 8k words - Josiah runs into an old contact of Ezra.  We learn a little about his childhood. (Ezra and Josiah)

Time Flies: 02/17/04 - Ezra and Buck are driving a wagon to its new home when they run into some bad weather, bad luck, and maybe some Chicken Men  (Buck and Ezra)

Time is a Healer: 05/07/01 - Reflective piece as Nathan recalls his father. (Nathan)

Tin:  03/25/04 7k words - Chris and Ezra spend some time together at his cabin as Ezra fights a fever. (Ezra and Chris)

To a Year Less Exciting 12/28/04  3k words -  It's New Year's Eve and Ezra's buying fireworks.  What could go wrong? Mayhem a'plenty (Ezra and everyone)

Toward the Light: 06/11/00 - A mine caves in and Ezra is the only one who will fit through the hole to go save two little girls. (Ezra, Josiah and Nathan)

Traveling Weight:  02/29/04 7k words - Ezra is bored and decides to get down to traveling weight (Ezra with a bit of Vin and Chris)

Turkey Lurkey 11/09/09 4k words - A terrible beast roams the streets of Four Corners, spreading terror wherever he goes.  A Thanksgiving Story. (Ezra and Buck)

Turn of Luck: 09/04/01 - A story written from the villains point of view.  They think it will be easy to take down the kid in the bowler.  When the foppish gambler shows up, they're not sure what to think. (Three bad guys -- plus JD and Ezra)

Under Pressure: 06/24/01 - Ezra and JD need to wear disguises to save a town. (Ezra and JD) oh, it's subtitled "It Takes a Man to Wear a Dress." so that should tell you something about this one...

When Life Gives You Oranges: 08/24/01 - Ezra receives a crate of oranges. (Ezra and just about the whole dang town)