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Stargate Atlantis Fanfiction and Mayhem

I write gen fic, and try to include the whole team, but mostly focus on McKay.

 Helix Nebula sent me a great illustration for my story Whirlwind.  Check it out
Marina. AKA-Degare did this one for Could be Worse.

Among the Stars  10/12/2006 - 52K words SEASON 3:  The team finds a space station and decides to explore it -- looking for an incredible database and a ZPM, but finding a bit more than they bargained for.

Ancient Devices:   05/14/05 - 6K words  SEASON 1:  Following the events of "Hide and Seek", Sheppard's suffering from insomnia and goes looking for some conversation.  He finds McKay.

A Bee in the Bonnet  11/13/04 - 25K words  SEASON 1:  Lt. Ford discovers a piece of ancient technology and a letter, so why does that cause so much trouble for McKay and Sheppard?

The Bone Pit:  Complete 05/22/09. 19K words  Season 5:  The team investigates a planet with a ZPM, unfortunately they get trapped in the catacombs and then bad things happen.  Answer to genficathon prompts: Action/Adventure and Catacombs

City:   5/24/08 - 16K words SEASON 4: The team encounters another version of Atlantis - one with a mind of its own.  Team fic!

Could be Worse   12/02/07 - 37K words total  SEASON 4:  The team investigates a "Marvel" in a vault.  Team fic.  McKay, of course, gets hurt along the way.  Giant robot and cute candy striped lizards!

Dumb Books:   2/24/08 - 10K words Season 4: Sheppard and McKay are looking for an Ancient aatabase when they run afoul of a local revolution and bad weather.  Then McKay starts getting sick.  This continues my series of stories that matches up McKay with one of the other characters.

In the Jungle   08/17/07 - 4K words  SEASON 3:  Following a prompt from the SGA_H/C LJ community, I wrote this little story.  It's hurt, it's comfort for McKay... in a JUNGLE, with a very tight restraint on the total number of words used.

Lift:  Complete 06/02/09. 8K words  Season 5:  Sheppard is up at night, unable to sleep, when he hears a request for help from Rodney.  Answer to genficathon prompts: Friendship and "A Cry for Help"

Mad Men of Muc-muc:   03/08/05 - 21K words  SEASON 1:  The team checks out a planet, finds some ancient ruins, Rodney falls down a hole,  and the rest of them run into some some very obnoxious residents. A rather obnoxious story, all in all. 

Misconstrued:  04/14/05 - 35K words    SEASON 1:  The trouble begins with a cave-in that traps McKay and Zelenka.  It only gets worse from there.  John and Teyla are trapped in a nightmare of their own, negotiating for food-stuffs.

Odd Hours  01/14/07 - 4.5K words SEASON 3:  I'm matching McKay up with Radek this time.  It's early in the morning and things need fixing in Atlantis.

Paradise:  12/15/04 - 25K words  SEASON 1:  A trip to a tropical island turns rather unpleasant for the team when the gate just won't work... and then there's other nasty things running about

Peculiar Things   05/17/07 - 7K words  SEASON 3:  Okay, another short story where I match up McKay with another character.  This time it's Weir -- and they're negotiating for an interesting looking device.

Snakes for Christmas:   Complete 12/23/08. 6K words  Season 5:  Ronon goes to the mainland, searching for snakes.  Using C4 to capture them was probably a bad idea.  At least he has McKay for company.

Strange Doings   01/04/07 - 10K words SEASON 3:  Another  in my series of short stories that match McKay up with one of the other characters.  This time it's Beckett and they're exploring a burned out town when something strange happens

Stupid Stuff  10/30/2006 - 6K words SEASON 3:  Ronon and McKay are on the run, trying to get back to the Gate.  Ronon gets hurt and Rodney has to help.  Just a short story here.

Swamped:   Complete 12/03/08.  40K words  Season 5:  The team explores another Ancient outpost.  This time, it's in a bog and McKay (bless him) gets blinded by an Ancient device.  He gains a new type of vision.

Under Glass  02/16/2006 - 32K words   SEASON 2:  The team has been directed to an Ancient Outpost to explore an interesting new transporter system -- too bad it's a trap

Warm and Safe and Dry:  1/19/05 - 25K words    SEASON 1:  Rodney accompanies another team to check out some ruins, and he finds himself suddenly alone when a Wraith dart shows up.   Winner of Stargate Fan Awards - Best Drama 2005

Weird Kid  11/13/2006 - 9K words SEASON 3:  Teyla's on the mainland.  Sheppard's supposed to pick her up, and the local ladies are preparing dinner for his arrival.  McKay shows up instead.  Another short story

What Say We:  08/13/05 - 9K words   SEASON 1:  Tag for Siege III.  McKay finally gets some sleep. Sheppard goes to check on him.

Where the Buffalo Roam:  9/11/08 - 25K words  Season 5:  The team explores a planet with animals that resemble American bison, a strange sort of plant and a very odd building.

Whirlwind   04/21/2007 - 52K words SEASON 3:  Things go rather badly when a team checks out a planet with an inactive shield and a problem with violent whirlwinds.  A town is nearly obliterated, McKay gets trapped under a building, and that's just the start of things.

Winter Wonderland:  09/2005 - 34K words   SEASON 1: A trip to a snowy planet turns rather unpleasant for the team goes on a hunt with the locals.

Without A Paddle:  Complete 06/12/09. 5K words  Season 5:  Zelenka sees something flying toward the city and enlists Rodney's help to check it out.  A Radek and Rodney story.  Answer to genficathon prompts: Humor and "without a paddle"

Worst Case Scenario   07/29/06 - 34K words SEASON 2:  The team explores a planet that had, up until recently, been able to avoid the Wraith.  The team is eager to find out how they kept the Wraith at bay, and to find out what happened to destroy the people.