Although I have enjoyed The Sentinel from the beginning of the television series debut, I did not get into the fanfic realm until 2003. Considering the fact that I have been attending Revelcon (a Houston based Fanfic convention) as a jewelry vendor since 1999, this is quite surprising. Revelcon fanfic centers heavily on the Sentinel phenomenon.

I started writing Senfic in March of 2003 and my muse seems to be quite happy with the guys. I am having a great time and have several stories in the works. My stories all fall in the "gen" category, no slash. I hope you enjoy my take on "The Sentinel" universe.

My interest in The Magnificent Seven began with a few Sentinel/M7 crossovers written by Cindy Combs. The first season of M7 came out on DVD and I wanted to see where MOG's ATF version of the world had come from. It was great to see the guys in action and I went in search of more M7 ATF stories. And from there it was but a short trip to writing my first M7 fic. I will probably be playing in the ATF AU for the most part, but you can never tell what my muse may do. Hope you like my version of the Seven.

I also dabble in other fandoms through a variety of crossover stories. These have included Stargate, Quantum Leap, Star Trek TOS, and a few others. I have several of my own alternate universes going in both fandoms.

Several years after I started writing TS, I dragged my cousin, Cheryl into the fandom. You can find her Sentinel fanfic here as well. I hope you enjoy our stories.

I'm very happy to host NotTasha's wonderful Magnificent 7 and SGA stories.