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NotTasha's Series:

One or more related stories... but you knew that.

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About Suffering: 03/26/03 1.5 words - Nathan reflects during a vigil over Buck, while Ezra and Josiah watch over the town and the rest are chasing down the suspects. (Nathan)

Advice to my Son: 03/31/03 2k words - A conclusion to About Suffering   The rest of the group returns and Buck wakes up.(Chris and Buck)

The Amazon Series

Down the Amazon: 03/18/00 - First part of the Amazon Series. Ezra wants to read his book, but there's a fire in the distance and mayhem to come.(Ezra and Vin)

The Ledger: 08/28/00 - There's a shootout!  Ezra is alone.  Will help come in time?(Ezra and Vin)

Redbird: 11/06/01 - Ezra finally has a saloon!  But, brothers are always trouble, especially when they have retribution on their minds. (Ezra and Vin)

Across the Andes: 04/28/01 - Ezra and Vin are transporting a prisoner.  Why does this always lead to trouble?  Another shootout -- this time, it's Vin who is injured. (Ezra and Vin)

Strictly Business: 08/15/01 - There's a bit of business going on between Nathan and Ezra, and Vin is still recovering from the events of the last story. (Ezra and Vin) 

A Desk of Fiddles: 12/03/01 17k words - Continuing the Amazon Series. A Christmas Story. Not a whole lot of mayhem here. I had to be easy on the guys since it's the holiday season (Ezra and Vin)

On the Shores of Lake Titicaca: 06/15/02 31k words There's a gold shipment on a stagecoach, bad guys and... would you believe... mayhem. (Ezra and Vin) 

Turnabout (is Fair Play): (09/28/02) 19k words - Vin and Ezra switch places.  What trouble come come with that? (Ezra and Vin) 

An Introduction: 11/20/02 11k words - Vin knows that something has been bothering Ezra ever since their last go-round. Another trip to another nearby town might fix it, but...as usual... a bit of mayhem makes things difficult. (Ezra and Vin) 

Greater Things: 10/22/03 9k words - Vin and Ezra are on a mission to see one of the greatest creatures on this planet.  (Vin and Ezra)

Annie Greer Saga

Annie Greer's Brand New Boy Child: 02/12/03 7k words - From the point of view of an OFC.  A young woman is supposed to adopt a wee baby from a woman, instead, a young boy shows up at her doorstep. (Ezra and an OFC)

A Gambling Boy: 04/14/03 5k words - Annie discovers Ezra's God-given Talent. (Ezra and an OFC) 

Home of the Brave:  01/17/04 8k words - Annie and Ezra attend a Fourth of July celebration and learn a little about how to be brave, even about simple things (Ezra and OFC)

Ephemeral: 09/07/03 4k words -  Annie contemplates purchasing a little something for young Ezra. (OFC and Ezra)

Facts about Cats:  08/17/04 7k words  - Annie learns a few facts of life. (Ezra and OFC - Annie Greer)

Inevitable 07/09/04 9k words  Ezra finally has to leave Annie Greer (Young Ezra and OFC)

A Journey of Twenty Years 12/25/04 14k words   Twenty years have passed... and it's Christmas in Four Corners.  Annie and Ezra finally meet again. ( Ezra, an OFC, all the guys)

Ezra's Feast: 02/13/00 - My first M7 Story.  Chris and JD have been captured by the Varness Gang...so what's Ezra doing with that picnic basket? (Ezra, Chris and JD)

Just Deserts: 07/12/01 - The sequel to Ezra's Feast. No good deed ever goes unpunished. There's mayhem in the making, following the demise of the Varness Gang. (Ezra, JD and Chris)

A Game of Chess

The Winning Side: 3/16/02 5k words - Nathan takes Ezra with him to tend to a sick person.  Nathan's secret hobby is revealed. (Nathan and Ezra)

A Gift of Patience 10/18/04 4k words  - Nathan watches over an ailing Ezra following some nasty mayhem.  (Nathan and Ezra)

The Game's in Play 10/26/04 3k words  Ezra is awake, and the game is in play  (Nathan, Ezra, Chris and Josiah)

A  Curious Game  08/19/05  4K words - Nathan was thrown through a window.  Now it's Ezra's turn to wait by his bedside (Nathan and Ezra)

The Horse Tales

Horse Tale - Trick Horse (Sick Horse): 05/28/00 - Ezra's up to something when a horse race is involved. (Chaucer and his Ezra)

 Horse Tale: Hat: 11/12/00 - A dreary day and a bit of levity with a funny looking hat. (Chaucer and his Ezra)

Horse Tale: Stomp: 04/19/01 - Ezra's still up to his tricks, and he's counting on Chaucer. (Chaucer and his Ezra)

Horse Tale - Wait: 01/27/02 6k words - Chaucer is bored as he's waiting while something unimportant happens. (Chaucer and his Ezra, plus Badger and his Nathan)


In the Silver Light: 03/17/01 - Ezra's in jail.  It's a reflective piece (Ezra)

A Golden Glow: 09/22/01 - A sequel to In the Silver Light. What exactly did happen when Ezra got back to town?  (Ezra, Chris, Buck and Nathan)

Project Quantum Leap

PQL: Rodeo Days: 01/01/02 5k words - The first story in the Project Quantum Leap AU. Can the mayhem exist in this universe too? (Vin, Ezra and Everyone)

PQL: Be There: 01/08/02 5k words - Here's a bit of background on Project Quantum Leap...mostly it's just Chris and his life at Project Quantum Leap (Chris, Buck, Josiah and Vin)

PQL: A Bright Part of the Sky: 01/23/02 7k words - Ezra leaps in this story. Everything starts out peacefully...but that might be Mt. St. Helens there ...(Ezra and Vin) - was Nominated for a 2002 Ezzie Award - Best AU Gen Fic (Medium/Online)

PQL: Fair: 01/14/02 5k words - Vin leaps into a fancy restaurant and recognizes one of the young patrons.  Sometimes, life isn't fair. (Vin and Ezra)

PQL: Keep On: 07/05/03 1.6k words - Just a snippet with Ezra returning from a Leap to find that something new has been added to his quarters.  (Ezra)

PQL: Outside Denver: 01/01/03 5k words - Vin is stuck on a ledge. (Ezra and Vin)

PQL: The Slow Season 03/16/05  6k words Vin leaps into a sweet situation, but soon has to deal with a kidnapping.  (Vin and Ezra)

PQL: Time on our Side 09/24/04 3k words  The initial meeting of Ezra and Vin at Project Quantum Leap. (Vin and Ezra)

PQL: Trade Off 11/25/04  It's Thanksgiving at Project Quantum Leap. (Chris and Everyone)

Snake in the Grass: 05/17/00 - It all starts with a horrible find at a family's house, then there's a snakebite. (Ezra and Chris) -- If Only: a sequel written by KellyA

Snake on the Loose: 12/19/00 - sequel to  Snake in the Grass. Trouble returns, looking for Ezra to make him pay for what happened in Snake in the Grass. (Ezra and Chris)

Southbridge Series

Night and Day: 07/29/00 - Trouble with brothers -- what else? They don't care much for JD.  The kid is injured, with Buck and Ezra trying to resolve the situation.  Things don't go as Buck planned. (Ezra, JD, Buck and everyone)

Somewhere In-between: 01/23/01 - Josiah and Ezra head home after a rather momentous day in another town.  Josiah went on a bit of a tear -- and the townspeople aren't too happy.(Ezra and Josiah) 

Someone Else's Son: 03/09/02 39k words - Josiah finds his son.  Unfortunately, he ends up kidnapping Josiah and Ezra.  Trouble ensues. (Josiah and Ezra)

Sometimes I Wonder: 06/17/03 9k words - Ezra finds his father. (Josiah and Ezra)

The Day Away: 11/19/03 10k words  The boys run into some old adversaries and end up tied up in a barn. (Buck, JD and Ezra)

Something Solid to Stand On  06/27/04 11k words  Josiah and Ezra return to South Bridge in search of Josiah's grandson. (Josiah and Ezra)

Someone's Lifesavings 05/08/05  5K  Ezra and Josiah help some folks cross a river.  (Ezra and Josiah)

Somehow, I know 09/17/13 17K Josiah forgets to pick up a package for Ezra, so Ezra heads out to retrieve it himself. Trouble ensues. (Ezra and Josiah)