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The Sentinel

Jim Ellison, U.S. Army Ranger, spent 18 months lost in the Peruvian jungle after his unit was wiped out. Five years later, he's a police detective in Cascade, Washington with five heightened senses that he doesn't know how to control.

The Guide

Blair Sandburg, anthropology student, is trying to find his 'holy grail', a Sentinel, a person with five enhanced senses who can see, hear, smell, taste and feel far beyond the average human. Unfortunately, he's not having much luck, until a friend points him toward a police detective with an odd medical complaint.


Initially airing from 1996-1999, the 'powers that be' tried to cancel the series at the end of the third season. Fans brought it back for a final season which included a conclusion to the season three cliff hanger. Jim and Blair and the gang continue to fight crime in the stories of fans, keeping our senses pleasantly stimulated for many years to come.

Here you will find stories written by JudyL and CherlyR based on The Sentinel television series.

Something in the Walls by CherylR - Blair's having a bad day. (2-2-14)

An Alternate Beginning by CherylR - A look at a different life. (9-9-12)