Accidents Will Happen

Authors: Teri – Judy – Mary Ann – Zarbettu – Amelia – Robijean – Anneack

June 2009


Round robin challenge on the Vin F&D list

Theme: Accident

Limitations: 7 parts, no more than 500 words each




Part 1

By Teri

(493 Words)


Vin pulled into his parking space and turned off the jeep before reaching into the passenger seat to grab the box of pastries he had picked up at Ezra's favorite bakery.  It was the least he could do under the circumstances.


What a long night spent waiting in the ER.  Not that it was a new experience, the emergency room trip.  However, having to wait in line for hours just so Ezra could be seen was not commonplace.   Even Larabee's patented glare couldn't move them ahead of the other unfortunates waiting to see a doctor.  Vin had to assume that it had something to do with the black patch the man currently sported over his left eye and the crutches. Both were compliments of an ER trip just days earlier. 


Vin rushed toward the waiting elevator as fast as his bum leg would allow and slipped through as the doors slid shut behind him.


The accident with Chris really hadn't been his fault, just dumb luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, for both of them.  Granted, he had planned to replace the board in the loft of Chris's barn weeks ago, but there was no way it should have splintered the way it did when he stepped on it. While he had suffered a few scrapes and splinters Chris hadn't been as fortunate. The noise and falling shards of wood had spooked Pony and the large animal had stepped on Larabee's foot.  X-rays had proved the foot not broken, just badly bruised.  More serious was the scratch to Chris's cornea from the dust and debris, but Nathan assured them that it would heal given time.   


Shaking himself out of his musings Vin prepared to step into the offices of ATF Team Seven, or what was left of them.  He knew Nathan would still be home recuperating.  The doctors said it was a mild case of food poisoning, and that Nathan had been lucky Vin was there at the time.  Vin had a hunch Jackson was feeling anything but lucky or grateful.


The door opened with a 'ding' and Vin moved into the room.  "Breakfast," he offered, and watched as JD seemed to scurry out of his way in fear with a muttered, "Thanks."


Opening the box in offering to Ezra, Vin watched as the undercover man grabbed a pastry with his good hand.  "Ez, I'm sorry."


"Think nothing of it, my friend.  It was merely an unfortunate chain of events." 


An unfortunate chain of events… now that was a very antiseptic way of looking at things.  In the last week, his life had become an accident waiting to happen and his friends seemed to be caught in the fallout.  You couldn't miss the inflatable donut that Josiah used to cushion his bruised tailbone or the fact that Buck was sporting only half a mustache, and Chris well, unlike common belief, he was just glad he couldn't actually read Chris's thoughts.   



Part 2

By Judy

(500 Words)


Ezra almost called Vin back. Instead he watched as Vin walked away, shoulders hunched with dejection. He tried to convince himself that nothing that had happened over the course of the last week was truly Vin’s fault. He just happened to be nearby when each disastrous event took place. Certainly, no one could blame Vin for Nathan’s gastronomic predicament. And Ezra had been a first hand witness for his own and Josiah’s incident. It really had been an unforeseeable set of circumstances.


Vin and Ezra had volunteered to help Josiah with a remodeling project down at the church. Well, Vin offered to help, Ezra just went along to supervise. Yet somehow he found himself up on a ladder placing nails above a doorway to hang numerous religious art pieces. Josiah had insisted that he hold the rickety ladder while Ezra climbed and performed the menial labor required, on the lame pretense that the ladder might not hold Josiah’s bulky frame.


After some fair amount of discussion, Ezra had acquiesced and climbed the unsound wooden contraption. He had just started to hammer in the third nail, when Vin shouted ‘look out’. This warning set up a domino effect that would not be stopped.


Both Josiah and Ezra jerked their heads around to see what the problem was. Josiah jostled the ladder. The hammer Ezra had been wielding continued its path, landing on the back of his hand instead of the nail. Ezra yelled, jerked his hand back, dropped the hammer and then grabbed the ladder with both hands as it started to topple. The hammer just missed Josiah’s foot, but the ladder was already too far off balance. It fell, dropping Ezra on top of the profiler.


Vin had felt horrible when he found them trying to untangle from each other and the ladder. Especially when they asked what he had been shouting about. Vin admitted to playing keep away with some of the kids. The shouted warning was nothing more than an attempt to keep the ball from landing in the other teams’ hands.


Ezra sighed. Vin looked so forlorn. Somehow he’d gotten the idea that he was a jinx. Of course, Ezra still didn’t know how Buck had lost his mustache or why JD was avoiding Vin like the plague. He grabbed a pen and stuck it down into his cast. I can’t believe I broke my own hand with a hammer. Only one day, and already it itches.


He glanced toward Chris’s office. The blond hadn’t come out since he arrived. Perhaps he was upset at the case they’d had to turn over to Team 3. With everyone but JD injured or sick, the bust they’d been planning for two weeks had to be handed over to a more able-bodied team.


Ezra considered the talk he’d heard around the building. Vin was a jinx, bad luck. All pure hooey. Surely Vin didn’t…


A loud crash, followed by, “Ah, hell,” had Ezra up and running to the break room.




Part 3

Mary Ann
500 Words

Ezra stopped at the door as the others crowded behind him. Vin was beside the table, a look of surprise on his face. JD was hopping up and down by the coffee maker that was on the floor, his hand held the remains of the coffee pot, the bottom gone and coffee soaking into his pant leg and into his sneaker. Josiah pushed forward, grabbed JD and led him to the sink, lifting him onto the
counter. He quickly turned on the cold water and sprayed it over the hot pant leg and into JD's shoe.

"I’m fine `siah. It wasn't that hot. Stop before you ruin my shoe." JD said pulling his foot out of the water.

"You sure?" Buck asked as he helped clean up the mess on the floor.

"YES!! It's okay. Dumb accident is all."

Ezra noted that Vin's shoulders slumped even more as he quickly left the room. Following the sharpshooter, he saw him grab his jacket, move to Chris's door and open it.

"I'm goin' home. Don't feel so good," Vin said into the room then turned, rushed across the room and out the door before Chris could reply.

Chris raced out of his office, and Ezra had to stifle a smile. Over Chris's left eye was a dark patch. With his blond hair flopping over his forehead, Chris reminded Ezra of a pirate, the look on his face would take the silver off a sword though.

"What happened this time?" Chris asked with a sigh seeing Vin was already gone.

Ezra quickly explained what happened just as the others came back into the bullpen, JD's pant leg wet but not dripping, one sneaker squishing.

"Guess we better go after him, not his fault," Chris said glancing at his men. Who to take though? Finally he looked at Ezra, "Come on Ezra, we'll go talk some sense into him. Rest of you, try to get that last report done, we'll be back soon."

It took almost a half hour to get to Vin's apartment thanks to some streets being worked on. They saw his jeep parked in front of the dilapidated building and parked the Ram behind it. Smiling at the two kids sitting on the steps, they went inside and climbed the four sets of stairs to get to Vin's place, knowing that the elevator was out again.

Knocking on Vin's door they waited for an answer. They heard a noise come the room, but Vin still didn't answer. Knocking again with no results, Chris held his crutches with one hand and pulled out his keys and inserted Vin's spare key into the lock. They froze an instant when a loud crash reached them through the door. Chris quickly unlocked the door and pushed it open. Gun's in hand they stepped into Vin's apartment, into chaos and no sight of Vin.

Another loud crash from the bedroom pulled them that way. It wasn't Vin in there, two strangers were happily tossing the room.


Part 4

By Zarbettu

500 words


 Chris clutched the left crutch under his arm as he allowed the right crutch to fall to the floor. He pointed his Sig at the man on the right his left hand supported the pistol. At his side, he noted that Ezra had sighted his weapon on the man to the left, supporting the gun with the cast on his left hand.


Chris spoke before the crutch hit the floor. "Where's Vin?"


Two startled sets of brown eyes settled on the blond, taking note of his crutch and eye-patch. Their eyes then scanned over the one-handed Ezra. One of the guys smirked and started reaching behind his back.


A quiet "Wouldn't do that" and the sound of a gun's action brought all eyes to the small bathroom located off the bedroom. There, belly down near the sink amidst a growing puddle of red-tinged water, lay Vin – left hand supporting his right, which held his sidearm. A small stream of blood flowed down Vin's face from under his hairline.


With a growl the bad guy lifted his arms away from his body, hands empty. The other man followed suit. Ezra carefully disarmed and handcuffed both and then went to the prone Vin.


Vin was struggling to his knees by the time Ezra made it to him. Ezra grabbed a clean washcloth from the shelf and handed it to Vin as he sat down on the closed toilet. Smiling his thanks, Vin held the cloth to the cut near his temple, closing his eyes as the pain intensified with the pressure.


Vin quickly got to his feet and staggered past Ezra when he heard the raised voices coming from his bedroom. He walked in to find Chris towering over the cuffed men sitting on Vin's bed.


"You expect me to believe you found him like that?" came Larabee's growl. "I know you're part of Chavez's crew – did he send you to take Vin out?"


Vin snagged Chris's second crutch and handed it to his boss, wincing as he snapped his head in the direction of the living room. The three agents moved to the other room, Ezra keeping an eye on the criminals through the open door.


"Weren't like that, Chris" said Vin. Then his voice got real quiet. "When I got here the bathroom sink was leaking and I kinda, well," his voice got even quieter, "I slipped, alright? I guess I hit my head on the sink on the way down – knocked myself out good."


Chris groaned and let his face fall into his palm with the revelation of yet another accident befalling his team. Turning to Ezra he said, "Call the boys and tell them to send someone for these guys. Let's see what they were hoping to find and make sure Chavez doesn't know about the upcoming bust."


Chris then turned towards Vin to assess the newest injury. As he turned, his crutch landed on a magazine on the floor and it slid out from under him.



Part 5

By Amelia



Chris tried to stop his forward fall and succeeded to a point when he collided into Vin, unfortunately sending them both down onto the couch. Luckily a soft landing, unluckily the crutch hit and caught the side of the coffee table just right, knocking it over and sending the open soda that was on it all over them.


"All hell." Broke the stun still silence.


Ezra tried to see over the couch to where his friends landed, wanting to make sure they were all right or if more damage had been done. Finally he looked at the two handcuffed men, "You two get up nice and slow and move to the door here, then we’re going to slowly go into the living room.”


"No way man, I ain’t going nowhere near that dude. No way!" One of the hoods declared with fear in his voice.


"Yea, you can shoot me, but I’m not getting close to that guy, he’s jinxed, you can get hurt around him. That’s why we were told to follow him," the other hood exclaimed with the same fear coating his words.


Ezra frowned, threw a confused look back at the couch. He found Chris and Vin, who had not only righted themselves and were sitting up, looking just as confused as they stared back toward Ezra. Their faces showed they had heard what was said.


"Who told you to follow him, and why would they think he was jinxed?" Ezra asked the two hoods as he continued to cover them.


"I ain’t saying nothing else. Go ahead and take us to jail. You can’t make me tell ya nothing."


"Ya wanna bet," a swaying, soda drenched Vin declared in a bit of a slurry voice as he tried to stand up to go back to his bedroom.


"NO! Keep him in the other room, keep him away... It was Chavez. Chavez told us to follow and find out where he lived and to find that damn letter. Ever since Tanner opened the letter while he was in the shipping office Chavez has been having bad luck. He’s broken three of his fingers, got a black eye from the door opening, bruised a rib when he missed a step and fell. You got to keep that dude away from us, till you find that letter and make him do it.




Part 6

by Robijean

500 Words


"What are you talking about?" Chris asked the man.


"Chavez is superstitious, has a lucky penny in his shoe, a four leaf clover paperweight, and carries a lucky rabbit's foot. He sends out 20 letters before each job. Each person sends it on to four others and also back to Chavez. The others also send a copy back to Chavez. When he's received 100 letters, he knows the job will succeed. He always gets them back. Everyone knows what'll happen if he doesn't.


"Your friend got one in his pay. Chavez saw him crumple it up and stick it in his pocket. Chavez has only received 95 letters and bad things keep happening to him and the people around him. Strange things, weird accidents, so he sent us out to get his copy of the letter so Chavez can send it to someone else and break the curse.


"We agreed to come because your friend wasn't supposed to be here and it was safer than staying near Chavez. Don't let him near us!"


Ezra and Chris looked at each other and then over at Vin. This had to be nonsense, none of the three believed in a cursed chain letter myth. Yet strange, unusual accidents kept happening when Vin was around. What if it wasn't a myth?


"Come on guys, you know this is nonsense." Vin was exasperated at the look he could see in his friends' eyes.


"Maybe, maybe not," Chris said with an evil grin. "These gentlemen, I'm sure will take convincing to turn on Chavez. I was thinking we should test the curse by locking them in the bedroom with you for a few hours. Of course, if they were willing to talk, we'd have to arrest them immediately."


"I'll talk, I'll talk," the men practically screamed the words.


"It would appear rather than cursed, this is your lucky day, Mr. Tanner. Events seem to have gone our way and we should be able to bring Chavez to justice." Ezra smiled at Vin as he escorted the handcuffed men to the door.


"After a quick trip to the emergency room for you, we'll go back to the office and tell the guys we've got a real chance at taking Chavez down." Chris turned and smiled at Vin, his crutch catching on some of the debris on the floor. He fell hitting his elbow on the edge of the coffee table.


Leaving Chris on the floor cussing up a storm, Vin ran to the bedroom, went through his trash, found the letter, and quickly made four copies. He'd call and have the three at the office meet Chris and him at the hospital. Then they'd mail the five copies back to Chavez. He wasn't willing to take any more chances. Of course, knowing Buck and JD he'd never hear the end of this.


He went to Chris to help him up. He'd figure out some way to explain the letters to the others on the way to the hospital.




 Part 7
Length: 500 words

Six of the men on Team Seven sat around the conference room table. Vin had a very becoming butterfly bandage on his hair line. Thankfully they had only had to shave a little of his hair to get the bandage to stick and there would be no scarring.

"You're certain that you did not further distress yourself hitting your elbow like that?" Ezra asked.

"Doc said he was fine, just hit his funny bone hard," Vin replied for Chris who was reading the Chavez file. The blonde had only seen a doctor because Vin had been unwilling to get his own wound looked at if Chris did not get his looked at as well.

"Hell, can't hurt himself that way, Chris doesn't have a funny bone," Buck snorted.

"Sure I do, put up with you for twelve years haven't I?" Chris gave the half-mustached agent a cold smile.

"You still have the letter?" Josiah suddenly asked Vin.

Blushing slightly, Vin pulled all five copies out. He was never going to hear the end of this. "I reckoned I'd best send him the letters before someone gets killed."

Chris leaned back in his chair and turned his attention to the large profiler.

"If Chavez is as superstitious as those men of his say, then he wants those letters back as much as Vin wants to give them back," Josiah began.

"Might be just what we need to get him out of that fortress of a house so we can arrest his ass," Chris commented, his look that of a top predator anticipating a good hunt.

"Sure! Vin calls him and says he wants to end the curse by giving him the letters, they meet and we grab him!" JD was almost vibrating with excitement.

"Wouldn't he just send more of his associates?" Ezra asked.

"Not if Vin tells him that he doesn't know if the curse will break if he gives the letters to anyone else so he'll only give them to him," Josiah continued explaining his idea.

"Let's do it," Chris instructed. Technically it was no longer their case, but he would apologize to Martinez and his Fantastic Four later.

Vin sighed in relief, the curse would be broken without his having to explain why he was mailing the letters back to Chavez.



Travis looked at the reports on this desk and blinked. They had done it again. How, he had no idea, but they'd once more done the impossible and made it look easy. This time they had even done it a man short and with JD and Buck the only non-injured ones in the group. He was still not clear on why JD had second degree burns on his leg or Buck half a mustache, but he had long given up asking questions.

Travis continued reading and smiled when he got to the part about Chavez having five form letters on him when he was arrested. Apparently they had blown away in the small scuffle when he was arrested.

The end


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