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These stories are from my own head. I am responsible for any and all parts, good or bad. Thanks to Cheryl for beta reading them for me, but I still have to take credit for any errors. If something doesn't quite fit with the "real" world or even the "TS" world, it's my fault. Hope you enjoy them anyway.

My Sentinel Universe
These stories are in order according to how they relate to one another chronologically, but they can stand alone. Some of them refer to things that happened in the previous stories and may not make sense unless you read the ones that come before.
The Sentinel.com Series

A series about starting a Sentinel network.
Stand Alone These stories do not depend on others to make sense, although it helps if you know the show.
Crossovers These stories are crossovers with other shows.
Holiday Fics These stories show the guys during various holidays.
Missing Scenes and Epilogues
These stories fill in where the TV show left us hanging.
The Vet Series A series about a new love interest for Jim.
Photo collages.
Sentinel Songvids Okay, there's only one.
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