Practice Random Acts of Kindness

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Welcome to my webpage. You will find links to a variety of things here, including dog training, flyball, canine freestyle, arts & crafts, and The Sentinel and Magnificent Seven fanfiction. Some of the pages will open in new windows and do not link back to this page.

Pawfect Manners Dog Training -
We teach you to teach your dog
with positive reinforcement.

Eclectic Crafts -
Handmade beaded jewelry, woodburned crafts and other fun items.

Fanfiction is when a writer uses characters and/or world setting from an existing show, movie or even book and writes their own story. This is not intended as plagerism or to make a profit, but to show the writer's appreciation for the original and share our vision with others who also enjoyed the original.

You will find stories here based on The Sentinel and The Magnificent Seven television shows.